Master Bui Vu Binh, Head of the Department of Infection Control, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, shared this opinion during the Update on Covid-19 diagnosis and treatment in clinical practice, on the afternoon of July 30.

New infections from Da Nang currently have an unknown source of infection and tend to increase and spread in the community.

The first challenge is that the nCoV infection in Da Nang is a new strain, more contagious, and more dangerous.

The second challenge is that it is very difficult to determine the source of infection (F0) to effectively localize and suppress the epidemic.

Many people ask: `Why not blockade Da Nang?`.

However, not blocking Da Nang will cause many challenges.

The second challenge is the very high rate of medical staff infected with Covid-19.

Dr. Binh said that `we must protect medical staff if we want to successfully fight the epidemic.`

Medical staff in the quarantine area at Da Nang Hospital on July 29.

For hospitals, it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of the health system.

Hospitals strengthen Covid-19 prevention by advising people entering the hospital to wear masks, practice hand hygiene, organize good screening, and safely manage patients and family members.

Master Binh commented: `For 99 days without any infection cases, people and the government are quite subjective.`