After the first episode of The Voice Kids last weekend, blind girl Huynh Thi Ngoc Anh became one of the most attractive contestants.

Mrs. Chin – the younger sister of her grandmother – who took care of her since childhood, said that Ngoc Anh’s mother was pregnant with twins, the baby was born prematurely so it weighed only 1.3 kg.

Ngoc Anh poses mischievously when being photographed by reporters.

When their granddaughter was born, both of their families were not very well off.

Ngoc Anh’s life is less unhappy thanks to her two grandmothers and uncles, whom she still compares to her `father and mother from heaven`.

Currently, everything is more stable, the two grandmothers are only worried because they cannot afford to buy a computer or an organ to support their grandchildren’s studies and passion for singing.

In response to the above hardships, the blind girl became the pride of the whole family because she studied well, was obedient and had an optimistic attitude towards life.

Having been teased by friends in the neighborhood, thanks to the encouragement of the two women, Ngoc Anh is always full of faith in life.

Thanks to being smart and good at studying, in 6th grade, Ngoc Anh was introduced to Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind to study at Hoang Van Thu School with normal friends.

The Voice Kids blind girl lives and sings optimistically

The girl feels that she is still luckier than many people because her two grandmothers take care of her instead of her parents.

Having lost her eyes, Ngoc Anh compensated with a musical talent from birth.

In addition to her Ba Ba shirt that reminds her of last year’s Phuong My Chi, Ngoc Anh has another thing in common with the runner-up of last season: she loves Southern folk songs.

When talking about her passion for singing, she suddenly felt sad.

The Voice Kids blind girl lives and sings optimistically

Wherever we go, we must be together.

But since participating in Vietnamese Children’s Voice, the desire to sing on big stages has reawakened in the blind girl’s heart, especially when the audience and coaches are very enthusiastic in their support.

`We don’t expect her to be famous or sing a lot to earn a lot of money. Just having her live happily and optimistically is enough,` Ms. Chin said.

* Video: Ngoc Anh sings the song `Kien Giang, we are very beautiful`