In early October, Nguyen Trung Duc (31 years old) is currently a freelance tour guide in the Ha Giang – Northeast region and his group of friends went to Dung cave to explore and camp overnight.

Inside Dung cave, there are many large puddles, surrounded by giant stalactites.

About 40 km from Ha Giang city center, you can get to the foot of the mountain where Dung cave is located by motorbike or car but the road is a bit bad.

Stepping into the cave entrance, you can see a panoramic view of the center of Bach Ngoc commune with its peaceful and green fields and rooftops.

Hang Dung consists of 2 main caves with 4 different branches, travel and exploration time is about 5 hours.

Camping at night in Dung cave in Ha Giang

Layers of soil and rock in Dung cave.

Duc, said: `The deeper you go into the cave, the more unexpected challenges await you. Many sections have to crawl, are slippery, and difficult to walk, but it is easy to come across pure underground water streams with many filtered minerals.

The cave can accommodate up to 40-50 people. Guests can camp at the cave entrance to catch the sunrise or inside the cave to enjoy a quiet, isolated space.

With many years of experience as a tour guide and also from Ha Giang, Duc advises visitors to Dung cave to have a native accompany them or follow a tour of about 2 days 1 night.

Camping at night in Dung cave in Ha Giang