On the afternoon of July 7, Binh Phuoc Provincial Police transferred the bodies of Mr. Le Van My and his wife (47 years old) – owner of Quoc Anh wood factory – along with 2 children and 2 grandchildren to Chon Thanh district hospital for examination.

Inside the house, a car worth many billions of dong is still in the garage.

Working with the police, Ms. Loan said that when she arrived at the owner’s house this morning, she found the back door locked.

Relatives of Mr. My and his wife.

According to Mrs. Nam – near the villa – Mr. My and his wife own a spacious property and a ballet wood factory of about 1,000 square meters.

Du Ngoc To Nhu (18 years old) and Du Minh Vy (14 years old) call Ms. Nguyet their aunt.

This morning, hearing many people chanting, Mrs. Nam and many people ran to see.

Clinging tightly to the fence of the villa where the tragedy occurred and constantly looking inside, Teo (15 years old) said that the house was on the opposite side.

`He was lying on his side, hugging the tree roots, looking like he was trying to run away,` added Mr. Thanh (52 years old), who lives nearby.

The little girl escaped death when 6 relatives were killed in the villa

The wood workshop has hundreds of workers located in the area behind the villa.

Determining the extremely serious nature of the case, on the same afternoon, Lieutenant General Trieu Van Dat – Deputy Director General of the General Department of Police (Ministry of Public Security) was present to direct the field work.

The investigation agency took statements from a number of people and summoned a suspect.

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The little girl escaped death when 6 relatives were killed in the villa

Many traces of assassins in the villa where 6 people died