According to Osen, the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office re-investigated the case of Jang Ja Yun’s suicide from early June. Authorities will begin reviewing the list of 31 powerful figures Jang Ja Yun left in the will.

* Moments about the ill-fated actor Jang Ja Yun

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The move by Korean officials came from a petition from more than 200,000 Koreans, posted on the Blue House website.

Jang Ja Yun died by hanging at his home on March 8, 2009.

The case of the 'Meteor Garden' beauty committing suicide is still painful after nearly 10 years

Jang Ja Yun left a will denouncing the people who abused her.

In her will, Jang Ja Yun wrote that she had to sleep a total of more than 100 times with 31 tycoons.

The case of Jang Ja Yun’s suicide is a persistent pain in the Korean entertainment industry, spanning the past nine years.

Jang Ja Yun is just one of many Korean actresses who suffer from the `hidden rules` of the entertainment industry.

The number of artists being sexually abused and harassed in Korea is increasing.

Actress Moon So Ri said that the poll results reflect the serious situation of sexual harassment in the Korean entertainment industry.

Through the MeToo movement, a series of Korean artists and producers were accused of rape and sexual harassment, including Kim Ki Duk, Jo Min Ki, Jo Jae Hyun, Oh Dal Soo, Choi Yong Min

The case of the 'Meteor Garden' beauty committing suicide is still painful after nearly 10 years

Director Kim Ki Duk was acquitted after the rape accusation.

Besides the positive meanings, according to Chosun, the MeToo movement was transformed when many people took advantage of social network accounts to post information that was not authentic, defamatory, and damaged the reputation of others.

Yang Ye Won – Korean social network star – recently accused her of being forced to take sensitive photos by a studio and having her body groped by models and photographers.

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