It has been 19 years since the leader of the rock group Nirvana met his death at the age of 27. Commemorating the death of Kurt Cobain, Seattle Post-Intelligencer magazine published images recorded at the scene of Kurt’s suicide

Late rock star Kurt Cobain.

The famous rocker shot himself at his home in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Along with popularizing grunge, Kurt Cobain also started a fashion trend with a dusty, wild style of clothing.

Unpublished images of Kurt Cobain's death

The house where Kurt Cobain died.

Despite his great success, Cobain struggled with the pressures of fame.

Unpublished images of Kurt Cobain's death

Kurt’s body was taken out of the house.

Less than three months after the Rolling Stone interview, the star committed suicide.

Kurt Cobain ended his suicide note with a message to his wife and daughter Frances: `Frances and Courtney, I will always be with you. Keep living, Courtney, for Frances. For her life,

Unpublished images of Kurt Cobain's death

Kurt Cobain in a photo taken with his wife Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean in 1993.

The band Nirvana consists of three members Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, famous in the Grunge music genre.

*Photo: Scene of Kurt Cobain’s suicide