`Mainland China may possess a large number of Y-20 heavy transport aircraft before 2026. This will help the Chinese air force possess the ability to deploy strategic air forces, which is needed for operations.`

Chung said medium and heavy transport aircraft accounted for only 24.7% of the Chinese air force’s transport force at the end of 2017. However, this may change in the coming years with the emergence of new

Chinese Y-20 transport aircraft performed in 2016. Photo: Airliners.

The Y-20 transport aircraft, developed by Xi’an Group in cooperation with Ukraine’s Antonov company, is China’s largest military transport aircraft model, able to carry 55 tons of cargo, reaching a speed of more than 900 km/h.

In addition, the Chinese military is also continuously improving its helicopter transport and airborne capabilities.

Type-075 is the world’s third largest amphibious assault ship class, after the Wasp and America classes of the US Navy, capable of being converted into a light aircraft carrier.

Chinese military experts believe that the Type-075 is designed to serve the campaign to attack the island of Taiwan, as well as perform `offshore deterrence` missions in areas such as the East China Sea and the East Sea.

However, its combat capabilities may be significantly limited because China does not have aircraft that take off on short runways and land vertically like the US F-35B and MV-22 Osprey, while the country does not have

Analyst To Tu Van from the Taiwan Institute for Security and Defense Studies said that even if China changes its tactics, it will be difficult to win a military conflict on both sides of the Taiwan Strait due to many factors.

`Nothing is certain about the weapons recently promoted by Beijing. They still have many shortcomings in quality and features, including the defense capabilities of armored vehicles and the longevity of fighter engines. That’s just

China has always considered Taiwan a province awaiting reunification and vowed to use force if necessary.