Scientists admit that alcohol has an impact on sex, but it depends on factors such as dosage, quality of alcohol and how it is used.

Some documents show that after sipping a few glasses of yeast, gentlemen are more easily stimulated, increase desire, easily release inhibitions and will find the woman in front of them more beautiful and attractive.

Enjoying football matches with a glass of beer is the joy of many gentlemen during the World Cup season.

On the contrary, men who use alcohol too much and regularly will reduce testosterone levels in the body, leading to a high risk of decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.

The US National Library of Medicine cited a study showing that up to 71% of alcoholic men suffer from sexual dysfunction, of which 58% have decreased libido, 22% have poor ejaculation ability, and 16% have sexual dysfunction.

According to doctor Doan Ngoc Thien, Department of Andrology, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, using too much alcohol is a common cause of physiological problems in men, most commonly erectile dysfunction.

The reason is that alcohol can cause nerve paralysis, hindering the process of transmitting signals from the brain to related organs when there is sexual desire.

To protect overall health and physiological health, the best way is for men to limit drinking as little alcohol as possible, about one unit of alcohol/day (equivalent to a can of beer or a small glass of spirits).

Foods that are encouraged to be eaten before and during drinking parties include cereals and green vegetables, which help increase fiber to slow down and reduce the absorption of alcohol, and potassium-rich fruits such as bananas, watermelon, pears, oranges.

In the long term, men should build a reasonable diet, exercise, and supplement essential nutrients to enhance health and vitality.

For effective and safe health care, men should also supplement specific essences.