Cryptocurrency analysts call this year’s Bitcoin halving the strangest bull cycle in history.

To limit inflation when too many people participate in mining digital currencies, Nakamoto Satoshi, the father of Bitcoin, added a piece of code so that after every 210,000 mining blocks, the reward for miners will be halved.

After each `halving`, Bitcoin price peaks.

Illustration of the world’s two largest cryptocurrency projects, Bitcoin (right) and Ethereum.

The second special thing is the price movement of the market.

Zach Rynes, representative of the Chainlink community project, commented on X on April 1: `The market is experiencing a strange growth period. Previous halvings have seen money flowing into Bitcoin, then moving to Ethereum and other

Cointelegraph statistics show that the total capitalization of meme coins increased to 70 billion USD in April 1, mainly driven by newly launched tokens such as Dogwiphat, Book of Meme and older coins such as Pepe and Bonk.

In the cryptocurrency market, meme coins are tokens inspired by popular images on the Internet or events that take place in real life.

According to Rynes, the early boom of meme coins made analysis of traditional market rules irrelevant.

Ethereum analyst Anthony Sassano also commented similarly.

Some analysts predict the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency could reach $100,000 by the end of this year.