As soon as director Le Bao Trung announced the 3D film project, even though it was not completed, School Ghosts continuously attracted attention and received many opinions on technical issues and effects.

The ghost of Thanh Mai (Dinh Ngoc Diep, standing) tries to kill female student Thien Kim (Truong Quynh Anh).

After the premiere screening of `School Ghost` on the evening of January 20 in Ho Chi Minh City, viewers can be somewhat satisfied because the application of technology in the film is not too `wasteful` or `underdone`.

The film has many scenes designed to highlight the 3D effect, especially the scene where the ghost acts.

Not only does it bring about the mysterious space of a half-real, half-unreal ghost world, the new technique helps Vietnamese audiences enjoy vivid scenes: writer Nam Linh dejectedly tossed banknotes flying like

`Even though the sound is not excellent, the effects applied in School Ghosts make me excited. The images are not overlapped or blurred, and specialized glasses do not hurt my eyes like when I go to watch some 3D movies.

'School Ghost' creates a new milestone for Vietnamese film effects

The ghost of Nana Ly (Elly Tran) seduces male student Jimmy Long (Tim).

According to the crew, all scenes in the film were filmed using modern equipment worth tens of millions of dollars with technical support from two experts from Digital Magic.

However, putting the 3D element aside, many viewers believe that the film’s content and staging are too different from the investment in special effects.

School ghosts is a story about Nam Linh, a writer distraught due to poverty and contempt who committed suicide.

When he was alive, Nam Linh specialized in writing violent stories for teenagers to read but did not understand anything about teenagers, nor did he understand his son (played by Wanbi Tuan Anh).

'School Ghost' creates a new milestone for Vietnamese film effects

Writer Nam Linh (Hoai Linh) and his son Minh Quan (Wanbi Tuan Anh).

To convey a message about fighting school violence and calling for a spirit of optimism among young people, School Ghosts has many violent and sexy scenes.

Watching School Ghosts, blogger Truemanvn shared: `In terms of technical effects, this is a good sign because Vietnam has been able to make a 3D movie. But the film’s content is still cumbersome, awkward, and doesn’t have much content.`

Mr. Duc Minh, who lives in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, said: `Vietnamese filmmakers have applied and mastered 3D techniques well, but the film content needs to be filtered to be concise, compact and deep.

`Making a 3D movie is not just about investing in a modern 3D system, but above all the filmmaker needs to have an attractive script with a new and vivid way of storytelling. That’s what makes Avatar attractive to audiences around the world.`

`School Ghost` opens in theaters nationwide on January 26 and serves audiences during the 2011 Lunar New Year.

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