When there was news that Mr. Hung – a master’s graduate in Australia, ran away from home and left a suicide note, many people discussed that he was depressed because his dreams were crushed when he returned home, or because of culture shock because he had to

Reading these comments, I see that many Vietnamese people seriously lack knowledge about depression.

I can confirm that because I have received basic training to recognize mental illness, as well as come into contact with many sick people.

Depression has symptoms such as sadness for no reason, lack of energy and will to do anything, feeling guilty and inferior, abandoned, feeling like you will never be happy again,

It is worth mentioning that depression often has a biological cause, which causes a decrease in the concentration of neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine and serotonin, two substances considered `happy substances` in the human brain.

Psychological trauma can trigger the onset of depression, but it is rarely the main cause.

Therefore, speculations about `why the master is like this` or `it must be the Vietnamese environment that makes him depressed` are unfounded.

Prejudice about mental illness is the main reason why patients do not receive treatment.

Writer J.K.

On the other hand, depression is like a `dementor`, when it comes, you will suffer, but when it goes, the victim will be fine immediately.

Depression is completely curable, about 80% of patients can work and live completely normally, as long as they receive adequate treatment.

When I first took the medicine, my condition did not change much.

Therefore, the patient’s family must take their family member for treatment when the disease is detected, do not be afraid of being mentally ill that could cause you to lose a loved one, and do not give up halfway because the disease progresses slowly.

Even if cured, depression is likely to recur, in which case the patient should see a doctor for treatment with medication or psychotherapy.

I personally know many lawyers with a history of depression, and many of them still take medication every day.

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