That is the opinion shared by reader Long after reading the article `Confessions of a master who was found by Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh for a job` by author Nguyen Dong.

Due to economic difficulties, it is more difficult for masters to get a job than for students

Many readers say that it is difficult for a master’s graduate in this day and age to find a job in the right field, let alone expect to find a job with high salary and good position.

Reader Athony.le1985 shared: `I graduated with a master’s degree in economics from a prestigious school abroad, but I did not stay and decided to return home to work. However, until now, I

`I also had a period of unemployment for 6 months even though I had a master’s degree abroad. After that, I had to accept a low-paying job but suitable to my interests and knowledge. After 3 years, when I got

And reader Tam shared: `Remember when I had just graduated, holding a master’s degree and two more bachelor’s degrees, but I still accepted to file my nails for only half a year. Because I thought no one

Masters are unemployed because of lack of work experience and skills

Explaining the reason why many masters are still unemployed after graduating, most readers believe that they lack experience and working skills.

And reader Truong Cong Le shared: `I opened my own company without any university degree. Besides being a chef, I can speak English fluently and use computers well. Before opening

“Currently, I see many people with full university and master’s degrees coming to my company to apply for work.

If you want to get a job with a master’s degree, you need to hone your skills

To find a job with a salary commensurate with the degree you have, reader Le Ngoc Khanh said: `After graduating from university, students should go to work to gain experience, and then

Agreeing with this opinion, a reader with the nickname Danang said: `If you have a master’s degree and go to work with a salary of 2 million/month, you must try to think that your salary is 5 million/month and consider it as 3 million.

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