When asked if he believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be awarded a long-term contract at Man Utd, Ryan Giggs replied: `I believe. We have been unstable for a long time. When you have someone who understands the club, skillfully

Giggs understands Solskjaer thanks to many years of working for Man Utd.

In the Guardian’s latest interview, Giggs shared many things about his work and his current position as coach of Man Utd.

When asked if he wanted to coach Man Utd after Mourinho left, Giggs said: `Not really. Things might have been different if I hadn’t coached Wales. Ole has done an impressive job. I of course still keep it.`

Commenting on¬†Solskjaer’s coaching potential, Giggs said: `Ole has the ability. He has an iron determination because he’s been through a lot. When he was young, he had to go to another country.

Supporting his former teammate, Giggs believes that those who love Man Utd do not need to wait for the club to officially appoint the former Norwegian striker.

Giggs: 'Man Utd is on the right track with Solskjaer'

Giggs believes that Man Utd needs to make a plan to find stability under the leadership of Solskjaer.

Giggs said he was considered by Louis Van Gaal to be the successor to the legacy of previous coaches at Man Utd.