When it opened in 1911, the Skirvin Hotel (today the Skirvin Hilton Hotel) was one of the symbols that Oklahoma City residents were most proud of.

A third tower with 12 floors was added in 1928. Then in 1929-1930, all three hotel towers were built 14 floors high with 525 rooms.

The Skirvin Hotel closed in 1988 and sat empty for the next 19 years.

With that remarkable track record, everyone thinks that Skirvin Hotel will be the strongest and most successful hotel of all time.

According to LegendofAmerica, things started to get dark when the hotel’s owner, Mr. Skirvin, had an affair with a maid that left the girl pregnant.

Since then, strange phenomena began to appear at the hotel.

At the end of 2015, American professional basketball player Lou Williams said on the Toronto Raptors, he encountered a ghost while visiting the Oklahoma City Thunder team and stayed at the Skirvin Hotel.

Effie - the scariest hotel maid in the world

When interviewed on Open Gym, Lou said he believed there were ghosts.

On his first night at the hotel, he received a wake-up call from Effie.

Jared Jeffries and Eddie Curry, two professional basketball players for the New York Knicks team, also encountered ghosts while sleeping at Skirvin in 2010. `This place is haunted, it’s scary,` Jeffries recounted on NewYork Daily News.

`At the time I thought it might be one of my children. But when I woke up, I remembered that I was in Oklahoma, not at home, and there was no one in the room. I swear I still had the feeling.`

And former basketball player Reggie Miller also has memories with Effie.

And Clippers goalkeeper Wesley Johnson once discovered his bathtub was full of water.

After more than a century, Effie is said to still roam the hotel lobby, annoying guests, staff, and sometimes in the most provocative ways.

Effie - the scariest hotel maid in the world

Many male guests said they had heard a woman `inviting` them in the hotel bathroom, but when they entered, they saw no one.

In 1994, a hotel security guard also revealed that he often met Effie.

Today, Skirvin Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the city.

Skirvin is located in downtown Oklahoma City, very close to popular attractions.

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