Operation Gideon landed on the coast of Macuto to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, conducted in the early morning of May 4, relying mainly on the element of surprise, but the mercenaries fell into the trap of the security forces.

After the raid was neutralized on May 4, President Maduro announced that Venezuelan intelligence had infiltrated the mercenary group and was ready to act.

Venezuelan special forces soldiers in the area where the mercenary group landed on May 4.

This is one of the occasions to witness Cuba’s asymmetric combat capabilities as well as intelligence capabilities, which have confronted and repeatedly surpassed the United States for more than half a century.

The Venezuelan opposition seems to have been convinced of the plan to kidnap and bring Maduro to the US when signing a contract worth 212.9 million USD with the private security company Silvercorp USA of former special forces agent Jordan Goudreau at the end of 2019.

The administration of US President Donald Trump affirmed that it was completely unrelated to the campaign conducted by Goudreau.

Analysts agree that this is too reckless an adventure, but it is just one in a series of desperate attempts to overthrow Maduro.

`It shows the effectiveness of the intelligence campaign conducted by Cuba. Some plots were also initiated by Cuban agents themselves to eliminate the mercenaries and force potential rebels to give up their intentions.

The power struggle in Venezuela appears to be a new front of confrontation between the US and Cuba, with Havana holding the upper hand.

Cuba helped Venezuela crush the plot to capture the President

Equipment of the mercenary group captured on May 4.

`Cuban intelligence has been disregarded for more than a quarter of a century,` Brian Latell, a former analyst for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), wrote in a book published in 2012. Washington believes they

`That was when the US began to understand that Cuba had built one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. Their success in a number of operations, especially double agents and counterintelligence, was unparalleled,`

The representative of the Venezuelan opposition affirmed that he did not agree with Goudreau’s plan partly because of his lack of trust in former general Cliver Alcala, who switched to supporting the opposition in 2019. Before turning himself in to US officials in 2019.

After smashing the landing campaign on the morning of May 4 by a group of foreign mercenaries, Venezuelan security forces arrested a total of 45 people suspected of being involved in this campaign.