Mysterious missile in the largest military parade in North Korean history

New type of missile appeared in North Korea’s military parade

North Korea on April 15 shocked the world with a heavy military display in the largest military parade in history, including a number of never-before-seen missile models, according to Popular Mechanics.

The most curious weapon for military analysts is a large missile model placed in a camouflaged blue painted ammunition tube, transported by a truck and launcher (TEL), using a 16×16 wheeled chassis.

Observers believe that this may be a completely new model of North Korea’s long-range ballistic missile (IRBM), because it has a different size than the ballistic missile models that Pyongyang previously announced such as the KN-

Military expert Kyle Mizokami assessed that this weapon system is quite similar to Russia’s Topol-M missile complex.

This missile is most likely a real system, not a parade model as many people speculate.

This has happened in the past.

The second mysterious missile is located in a launch tube on a 14×14 wheeled trailer chassis.

Decoding the mysterious missile during the North Korean military parade

Mysterious missile in the largest military parade in North Korean history

Launch tube on 14×14 chassis

However, North Korea’s trucks are capable of serving as launch pads.

In addition to the two mysterious missiles above, Pyongyang also displayed the submarine-launched ballistic missile Pukguksong-1 (KN-11) and the ground-launched version Pukguksong-2 (KN-15), along with ballistic missiles.

The unprecedented display of nuclear weapons in the largest military parade shows that they remain North Korea’s number one priority.