Republican candidate Donald Trump.

On May 26, the Associated Press, after interviewing Republican delegates who had not officially pledged to support anyone, calculated that billionaire Donald Trump had 1,238 delegates, one more vote than

However, analysts say that, if he becomes the boss of the White House, with his policy decisions, Mr. Trump will weaken America, especially in the field of foreign affairs.

In an article on Project Syndicate, Mr. Joseph S. Nye, former assistant secretary of defense and chairman of the US National Intelligence Council, professor at Harvard University, said during the election campaign,

200 years ago, America correctly followed George Washington’s advice, which was to avoid `joining alliances` and pursue the Monroe Doctrine, which focused only on America’s interests in the Western Hemisphere.

However, this perspective changed profoundly when President Woodrow Wilson decided to break tradition and send troops to fight in Europe during World War I. Not only that, he also proposed the establishment of the League of Nations

When the US Senate rejected the proposal to join the League of Nations in 1919, American soldiers were no longer deployed abroad, and America `returned to normal` as before.

The president doesn’t need allies

Trump’s most detailed speech to date on his foreign policy shows that the billionaire was inspired precisely by America’s self-isolation period, and is expressed by the new slogan `Water

How Donald Trump can weaken America

The US military conducts joint exercises with European allies.

Donald Trump believes that the United States should not continue to provide `unpaid` security sponsorship to key allies such as South Korea and Japan, promises to disband NATO if he is elected, and even criticizes the allies.

Expert Nye believes that this viewpoint of Mr. Trump will cause America to retreat and weaken if the billionaire is elected president.

America’s current alliances help maintain a predictable international order.

In the current world order, America is the driver.

According to British strategist Lawrence Freedman, what has helped America maintain its driving role over the past 70 years is that `American strength is based on allies, not colonies`.

But if Mr. Trump becomes president and withdraws from important alliances, that leading role could fall to China, Russia, Europe or India, powers that could surpass the United States within decades.

If Mr. Trump imposes `19th century` thinking to withdraw America into a shell, it could encourage other countries such as Russia or China to implement more adventurous or imposing policies with neighboring countries.

How Donald Trump can weaken America

Korean fighter jets fly with US B-52 bombers.

Mr. Trump’s foreign policy will weaken America’s alliances, and that is unlikely to make `America great again` as his campaign slogan.

`In the future, America’s economic, military and soft power dominance will no longer be the same as before. America’s market share in the world economy will decrease, along with its ability to exert influence.

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