– In addition to their musical relationship, she and musician Quoc Dung also became husband and wife thanks to music.

– That’s fate.

Perhaps the special thing is that we are compatible professionally.

Singer Bao Yen.

What concept do you bring to married life?

– I think that husband and wife living together is like a short-term contract, after the medium term comes the long term.

– Saying that, it seems like you are a wife who has endured her husband?

– I tolerate my husband’s flirtation and romance with other women, because after all, that’s the emotion he creates.

At that time, I was very miserable, thinking I was an unhappy woman.

– But before he returned, it seemed that she publicly declared that she had had moments of heartbreak as an act of retaliation.

– If we can’t live together anymore, I will choose to break up and never have the thought of `retaliating` against my husband.

– Whether you stop (properly) or not, it’s still adultery.

– Love is a magical thing, real love is even more sacred.

– A marriage without the shadow of jealousy, selfishness, nor the desire to possess.

– If I were not jealous, not selfish, not possessive, I would not suffer and accept it to preserve my family.

– Suppose your husband is not a famous person and you do not live for the public, what do you think about the right to live with a faithful man?

– Almost all men have cheated.

(According to Fine Arts)