– When did you officially leave the stage?

– When I went to work, I reduced the number of performances, only performed very little.

– When you go on stage, you always have a cold style, and you never smile in new collections in the newspapers. What about when you meet your partner?

– A cold face is very difficult to work with.

What advantages does working as a model give you when starting a business?

– It’s not because customers see themselves as models that they agree to continue.

Model Vu Cam Nhung.

– Husband and wife work together in the same company, what happens when they go home?

– Working from home gives you more time for work, but life will be stressful.

– Leaving the catwalk, but occasionally I still see her taking model photos for some collections.

– Taking photos is also a form of entertainment and stress reduction.

– What do you think about returning to the catwalk?

– I think not.

– What do you think are the similarities and differences between the generation of models from your time and now?

– I think there’s not much difference.

– She once played roles in the movies `Tears at Opening Time` and `Slow Life` and then stopped.

– I’m not very suitable for acting and don’t have much time to invest even though I really like it.

– You once said you were afraid to call yourself a model because there were many scandals in the world.

– Society has many negative views about this profession. Maybe people don’t say it out loud, but there are still eyes and thoughts that make me a bit apprehensive.

– Besides doing pharmaceutical and cosmetic business, what else do you want to do?

– In about 3-5 years, I will develop more about beauty and spa.

– How do you choose your clothes when you go to work?

– I’m not picky but I’m a meticulous person.

– Women are often addicted to shopping, what about you?

– I make a big purchase every 6 months. If there are any fashion trends in Asia, I will follow them.

My husband is also comfortable, not too picky about shopping, but we have our own principles, we must definitely balance our budget and stay within my salary.

– In your wardrobe, which type accounts for the most quantity?

– Usually dark, black dresses.

– Not talking about the durability of the fabric, how long does a dress you wear last?

– If good, about five and a half, two years.

– Is there any difference in dressing style at the age of 30?

– In the past, when we saw a trend, we bought it, but now we have to think about its effectiveness.

Vu Cam Nhung: 'I'm not a very beautiful person'


– How would you feel if someone said your husband was afraid of his wife?

– I feel normal.

– Some beauty queens and models of her time had quite a difficult love life and had a lot of bad publicity.

– I dont know.

– When do you and your husband plan to have children?

– I’ve been married for more than 4 years. My father’s side hasn’t said anything yet, but my mother’s side is starting to get impatient.

– So what are the plans for the new family member?

– Later, my husband and I sent our children to regular public schools, not international schools.

– By the age of 30, women will age quickly.

– Everyone is afraid of getting old, but we worry about the old soul, not the old body.

– In your opinion, what factors do a woman need to have a good business?

– I think a successful woman has a peaceful family, a stable job, and a loving husband and children.

(According to Youth Fashion)