Lawyer Khanh, currently working in the US, shares with VnExpress readers his views on the horrific shooting in the US.

Recently, the deadliest shooting in American history took place at a gay nightclub early in the morning, it is considered a terrible crime.

In the US, the gay and transgender community receives many equal rights, including the right to same-sex marriage, gender change and many other rights.

However, anti-gay ideology still exists in the thoughts and actions of many people.

While perpetrator Omar Mateen’s connections with IS are being clarified, another side of him is also gradually emerging.

Omar is divorced.

Portrait of the shooting suspect.

After piecing together these events, television reporters in the US asked a question: `Does Omar have a gender problem?`.

The phenomenon of gay people hating themselves is quite common.

Therefore, the gay community often says to each other: `The worst anti-gay people are usually gay.`

Meanwhile, Omar often expressed extremist Islamic ideas, as well as expressed his undeniable loyalty to IS members.

Islamic ideology is very strict against homosexuality.

Omar is of Afghan descent, born in the US but still follows Islam.

With his extremist ideology, Omar could have gone down the path of becoming a terrorist, but the fact that he chose a gay club was not just a coincidence.

Since yesterday, the gay community has participated in parades to commemorate the victims.

Gay nightclubs are often where they feel safest.

The Orlando shooting appears to have struck a gay stronghold.

Terrorists with radical Islamic ideology like IS are willing to kill people because of religious differences.

Gay people are mostly hated, so they attack them in order for terrorism to send a message that progressive social actions will be rolled back, counting from the most recent victories.

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'The person who massacred 50 people at an American gay nightclub was also gay?'

I went to fight for same-sex marriage rights in America

That day was extremely stressful.

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