`The seas around China will soon be filled with foreign aircraft carriers with the goal of countering Beijing. Britain plans to deploy an aircraft carrier strike group to the western Pacific as early as early 2021, while India

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in November that the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth will next year lead the British naval battle group and its allies present in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and East Asia in an `ambitious deployment`.

HMS Queen Elizabeth received an American F-35B squadron off the coast of England in September. Photo: US Navy.

Indian Navy Commander Karambir Singh is pushing the government to invest in a third aircraft carrier project with a displacement of 65,000 tons and equipped with electromagnetic catapults (EMALS).

`The British and Indian aircraft carriers will likely have technical problems, while China possesses anti-ship ballistic missiles that make US aircraft carriers afraid. This makes the aircraft carriers

Military expert Song Zhongping in Hong Kong said that HMS Queen Elizabeth has not yet reached full combat capability, and its squadron is not ready for duty.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest warship in British naval history, named after Queen Elizabeth II.

Song also believes that India should focus on completing INS Vikrant, the country’s first domestic aircraft carrier, before considering building a third one in service.

The INS Vikrant shipbuilding program is continuously running behind schedule and running out of capital.

`India’s weak shipbuilding industry makes this forecast overly optimistic. Even when put into service, it could still face many technical problems,` Song said.

Chinese newspapers despise British and Indian aircraft carriers

INS Vikrant tested the engine at the factory on November 30.

The Global Times article said that India may have to rely on the US to develop a third aircraft carrier, which applies many technologies such as nuclear reactors, EMALS and fighter ships.

Chinese experts warn that Britain and India must also worry about anti-ship ballistic missile systems, especially after the test of two DF-21D and DF-26 shells aimed at moving targets in the East Sea.

`They just want to demonstrate their military presence, the combat capabilities of aircraft carriers are not the focus. They can support the US Navy by forming many aircraft carrier battle groups, but the main force