On February 19, the movie Old Girl with Many Tricks directed by Bao Nhan and Nam Cito was released in theaters nationwide.

The film opens with a fast pace, clear and neat transitions to introduce the audience to the background of the characters, including Linh San – the main character.

The disease threatens her to lose her ability to be a mother forever if she doesn’t have a baby before two months as the doctor warned.

Based on the story of love and marriage, overall, Old Girl with Many Tricks succeeds by converging the elements that make up a Chick Flick movie – a popular movie genre aimed at a female audience.

More than half of the first half of the film, the audience laughed with situations and dialogues revolving around sex, the bedroom and reproduction.

Being too strong in teasing jokes in the beginning, later on, when the film turns tragic with emotional elements, causes some unsteadiness in the viewer’s emotions.

In addition to the strength of the comedy element, Old Girl with Many Tricks also has beautiful, well-groomed camera angles and a romantic setting.

As one of the first audiences to enjoy the film, director Cuong Ngo shared his sympathy for the film’s beautiful images and good music.

Diem My 9x (left) plays Linh San and actor Binh Minh plays Thien Minh in a romantic scene of the film.

Although the film is still lacking in some details, what attracts the audience is the actor’s acting and beautiful appearance.

Prominent in the cast is Diem My.

Paired with the character Linh San is the handsome guy Thien Minh played by Binh Minh.

The three most amusing characters are doctor Trang Dai (played by Viet Huong), May (Dieu Nhi) and Oliver (Huynh Lap).

'Old Girl with Many Tricks' pokes fun at sex and reproduction

Poster for the movie `Old girl has many tricks`.

Old Girl with Many Tricks is the first film project that two friends Bao Nhan and Nam Cito invested their own money as producers and directors.

This duo has worked together to produce many sitcoms and television shows familiar to young audiences as screenwriters and directors such as Quartet 10A8, Funny Reporters, The Little Prince’s Bakery, That Year’s Lavender Season.