– Accepting the task in the context of a tense drought situation, urban environmental pollution is at a red alert level, and unplanned mineral exploitation leaves many consequences. This context affects him in the following ways:

– I started working in the industry as a trainee and gradually grew to where I am today, so I clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages posed by reality in the natural resources and environment industry.

I know that the people always want ministers to be close to the people, understand the people, respect the people and have a strong, decisive action style, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility;

I always define my motto as: Close to the people, listen to the people;

– What tasks will you prioritize?

– My mission is to continue to innovate and promote the achievements of the industry;

As Minister, anything that affects the people or threatens their lives is the issue I must focus on with the highest priority.

New Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha.

– What solutions do you have to solve the drought situation in the Central and Central Highlands and saltwater intrusion in the Mekong Delta?

– The cause of drought and saltwater intrusion is climate change.

The exploitation and use of the Mekong River region involves many countries, but there is no clear exchange, sharing and mechanism.

The condition of internal water volume in Vietnam’s territory only accounts for 37%, which is 310-315 billion m3/year, the rest comes from outside the territory.

For the Mekong Delta, it is necessary to determine economic development in the above context to have calculations on construction and non-construction projects based on science, thereby adapting and being proactive in all situations.

– Vietnam has joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21), so what do we need to do to call for international support and effectively use this resource in response?

– It can be said that the recent COP21 Conference in Paris reached a historic agreement, demonstrating humanity’s responsibility to save the earth from the impacts of climate change.

To implement the contents of the 2015 Paris Agreement, we need to focus on a number of solutions such as clearly identifying the advantages and disadvantages for Vietnam in the new period;

Many other solutions such as legislating agreements that Vietnam has participated in, promulgating preferential policies, supporting businesses to increase implementation of greenhouse gas emission mitigation activities, and promoting human supervision