I do not agree with those who speak out against investing in children.

Not all rich children study well.

I don’t know if studying abroad will get anything or not, the most important thing is still the foreign language.

Many people demand that the high school graduation exam be abolished to block the way for international students because many universities abroad accept high school graduation exam scores in Vietnam.

Back to the story, whether children treat their parents well or not depends on how well parents treat their children?

>> The idea of investing in your children to make a profit

Children study in places with high education, they will have personality and self-esteem.

Sending elderly parents to a nursing home also means that the parents’ assets go to the nursing home.

Most children still love their parents, but their spouses are not sure.

In the West, children do not necessarily have to be present to take care of their parents, but calling to visit regularly is a must.

Many people are jealous that Bill Gates and Mac Zukerburg have a high starting background because they come from a rich family, so why can’t we let our children also have a higher starting background than their peers?

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