Tet Nguyen Tieu is the first full moon night of the year, also known as Thuong Nguyen Tet.

When the public lighting works on walking streets are turned off, Hoi An is sparkling with color with traditional lanterns.

Crowds of people flock to Hoi An ancient town.

Dong Trieu Assembly Hall and pagodas are also open on this day to serve visitors and draw hexagrams at the beginning of the year.

The busiest is the area for folk games of smashing clay pots organized by young people in the old town.

The Bai Choi singing yard was crowded with visitors.

A card has three words. The person who holds the card with the three words matching the three words the singer sings in their hand wins.

The gifts of the games are Hoi An lanterns, as a memory of the people of the old town.

Hoi An is bustling with colors at Nguyen Tieu night

Releasing flower lanterns on the Hoai River.

Somewhat deeper and quieter than other areas is the Nguyen Tieu Poetry Night program with the theme `Hoi An, me and you` organized by the Vietnam Writers Association in Da Nang at Kazik Park.

Coming to Hoi An today, the smooth, fluttering poems, the streets filled with colorful lanterns, the laughter of tourists and the folk songs of the natives blend together, all creating a unique atmosphere.