Her Chinese name is Coc Ai Lang, and she is one of the most notable sports stars at the 2022 Winter Olympics, taking place in China.

The beauty caused a fever when she won the Olympic gold medal

Eileen Gu aerobatics during the Olympic competition on February 8.

According to SCMP, before the Olympics, a series of international luxury brands `lined up` to wait for Eileen Gu to film commercials.

On Sina on February 8, a representative of a company cooperating with Eileen Gu revealed that before winning the Olympic medal, her contract with a number of brands was about two million USD.

Eileen Gu - 19-year-old martial arts beauty

Since 2021, Eileen Gu is the global ambassador of jewelry company Tiffany & Co.

The New York Times commented that Eileen Gu is versatile.

According to Xinhua, Eileen Gu’s achievements are partly related to her family’s education.

Eileen Gu - 19-year-old martial arts beauty

Eileen Gu and mother.

When she was young, Eileen Gu often asked her mother which university was the best and most difficult to pass in the world. Her mother answered Stanford.

Coc Yen once said that encouraging children is more important than analyzing and criticizing.

Eileen Gu - 19-year-old martial arts beauty

Eileen Gu followed the path of sports and professional modeling.

Eileen Gu used to compete in sports as an American athlete, but since 2019, she has joined the Chinese team.

In an interview with the media at the press conference after winning the gold medal on February 8, Eileen Gu responded to being attacked by a part of the audience: `I don’t try to make everyone happy with me. Previous