When explaining the phenomenon of Vietnamese cars being among the most expensive in the world, many people always have the mindset of `Taking from the rich to give to the poor`.

I think this view has many unreasonable places.

Rich people work with hundreds, thousands of poor people, even according to Mr. Lee Kun-hee, chairman of Samsung Group: `One genius can feed millions of others.` So their assets are

When they are rich, they will find ways to spend money, and directly or indirectly create jobs for the poor. In my opinion, that is social responsibility and fairness.

Rich people spend billions of dong in taxes, but still have to walk on flooded roads.

Second, the taxes are so high, but what do they get as a result?

While the tax on car purchases still has to be paid without missing a dime, the rich have to suffer the same fate as those who do not pay a dime.

The high price of Vietnamese cars is because businesses refuse to localize, but even if they do, they are still expensive because of high tax rates.

The next thing is that the authorities insist on `restricting private vehicles` all day long, they find every way to stop the river from banning markets, but the result is still traffic is clogged, the road cannot be expanded due to the limited visibility.

I just want to conclude with all the above arguments: Vietnamese people will forever be backward, our country will forever be in the post-agricultural stage if we do not immediately change the small-farmer mindset.

As long as there are people in society who still have thoughts like, `the rich have the responsibility to support themselves`, `if you have money, why don’t you give to charity`,… then our country will always be backward and slow.

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