Miss Universe 2016 has the participation of 86 contestants from countries and territories.

The Top 6 received questions surrounding hot political, economic, and social topics in the world.

6 contestants participating in the first behavioral competition, from left to right: Haiti, Thailand, Philippines, Colombia, Kenya and France.

Donald Trump – former president of the Miss Universe organization – became the subject of Miss Keyna’s interview competition.

Miss France, Iris Mittenaere, received a question about refugees: `Given the current worldwide refugee crisis, should countries take them in or have the right to close their borders?`.

'Donald Trump as US President' became a topic of discussion at Miss Universe

Miss France responded with the help of MC Steve Harvey.

The representative of the host country Philippines was asked: `What is the most important change you have seen in the world in the past 10 years?`.

Miss Thailand was asked: `Name a world leader you respect and say why.`

The Colombian beauty was asked: `Why is violence a concern and how can it be prevented?`.

'Donald Trump as US President' became a topic of discussion at Miss Universe

Top 3 answered the same question.

After this round, beauties from France, Colombia and Haiti were selected to continue.

The Colombian beauty replied: `I think there are many times when I make mistakes. And those moments when we feel like we can’t accept differences, can’t accept other people’s mistakes… give us strength.`

Miss France shared that she had failed many times in her life.

The Haitian beauty said: `About seven years ago, I survived the earthquake. I learned a valuable lesson, which is that I need to live for my dreams and for myself. Today I stand here exactly

In recent years, the organizers of the Miss Universe contest have often asked difficult questions about political and social issues, forcing contestants to have a certain understanding of the current world situation.

The final of Miss Universe 2016 ended with the victory of French beauty Iris Mittenaere.

Minh Anh