Starting from the point of view of disagreeing with the statement ‘People holding cash are more worried than people holding real estate’ by author Dqmtrieu, reader Minh.thuduc.83 pointed out three reasons to believe that domestic real estate is booming.

`Reading your comments, I’m happy because these are the few in the crowd who have a positive view of the pandemic season. But those financial source analyzes only look at one aspect of real estate brokers.

So where will real estate go?

– Residential real estate buyers account for a very low proportion of the market share, the lowest among the three customer groups.

People who buy land to use as assets to save account for a higher percentage than those who buy to live.

– Real estate speculators are the largest number, coordinating the domestic real estate market.

So if the market fluctuates, will buyers to live in and buy to save be able to bear the current real estate market share, while speculators are `defaulting` because of bank interest?

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Sharing the same opinion, reader Ky Anh analyzes the future of the real estate market in terms of the world economic recession:

`If embracing real estate gives you peace of mind right now, why don’t many people travel to the mountains and water, come back 10 years later to enjoy the results, and then go online to worry about investing other people’s money and gold? This is a `sang` example.

At the world level, most assets are in a bubble state such as real estate, stocks, bonds… The pouring of relief money by Central banks accidentally or intentionally makes them continue to ignore the situation.

On April 1, when oil prices were 22 USD, the US President said he had a conversation with Russian President Putin and the Saudi Crown Prince, expecting these two countries to cut oil production by up to 10 million barrels.

Oil’s real value is determined by the market and not manipulated by any force.

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