(Dan Tri) – The US and its allies criticized China for unfair trade practices in a policy review at the World Trade Organization (WTO) this year.

Chinese Deputy Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen (Photo: SCMP).

Responding to the above move, Chinese Deputy Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen said on October 28 that many complaints and requests were made by the US and Western countries during the World Trade Organization’s periodic assessment.

Mr. Wang said that the majority of complaints should not be considered fair assessments, and instead should only be seen as suggestions to China.

However, China’s Vice Minister of Commerce said Beijing will seriously consider all concerns of countries within the WTO to meet its obligations as a member of the organization.

During the membership review of China, countries including the United States, the European Union, Japan, Britain, Australia and Canada all criticized China’s actions, saying that Beijing had carried out `acts of

This assessment is said to be much tougher than the 2018 assessment, showing how serious tensions between China and key Western trading partners have become in recent years.

This year, China received a record 2,562 questions from 39 member countries, an increase of 16% compared to the 2018 assessment.

According to the current WTO classification, China is in the group of developing countries and enjoys special privileges for this group.

China’s self-identification as a developing economy makes the US unhappy.

The United States has long complained that too many WTO members consider themselves developing countries to enjoy favorable trade privileges.

However, countries with strong economies like China still affirm that the special preferential rights they enjoy are an important cornerstone in the global trade system.

The above controversies reflect fundamental divisions within the WTO and threaten the future of this global multilateral trade organization.