Although Tan Duc Investment Joint Stock Company has temporarily approved clearing soil and removing barriers after a week of `sieging` Tango Candy Company because Japanese businesses did not agree to pay the infrastructure maintenance fee of 10,018 VND per day.

Tango Candy Company workers have to climb over rocky mountains to get to work.

Lawyer Nguyen Van Hau said that this is a case that needs to consider the errors between the parties accurately.

`This creates a bad precedent in business activities, so it needs to be handled decisively. If any dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation or conciliation, it is best for businesses to take it to a jurisdictional agency such as a court.`

Agreeing with lawyer Hau, Dr. – Lawyer Nguyen Ngoc Son, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Ton Duc Thang University, said that this incident is the fault of both sides.

According to Lawyer Ha Hai – Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, in terms of legal aspects, the actions of both parties are not in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

According to Article 29 and Article 56.2 of the Civil Procedure Code, if Tan Duc Company believes that its rights and interests have been violated, the Company has the right to sue in a competent court or arbitration center (if applicable).

The act of allowing people to dump dirt to block the path causes damage to business activities. In addition to possibly having to pay compensation, it also obstructs traffic and is subject to administrative sanctions by the authorities.

As for Japanese businesses, if they think their rights are being violated, specifically if they are charged too much compared to the original agreement, they must sue in a competent court, rather than delaying payment and causing damage.

The fact that both sides are reluctant to take each other to public places when disputing and choose to behave like Tan Duc or a Japanese company can also understand that the trust in the authorities is not high and the immediate consequences are the

On March 21, hundreds of Tango Candy workers had to climb over piles of rocks and fences to enter the company to work because the main gate was blocked by the investor of Tan Duc Industrial Park (Duc Hoa Ha commune, Duc district).

The reason given by the industrial park was that the Japanese company refused to pay the infrastructure fee of 491 million VND.

Thi Ha