The Malaysian Film Censorship Board has just banned the screening of 50 Shades of Gray in domestic theaters.

The fact that the movie 50 Shades of Gray was banned in Malaysia did not come as a surprise to observers.

Meanwhile, 50 Shades of Gray received positive reviews from experts when it was screened for the first time at the Berlin Film Festival on February 10.

`Hot, sexy and sure to please the audience, the movie gets 3/4 stars` is the verdict of The New York Post.

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson (left) will join actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in making the second and third parts of `50 Shades of Grey`.

At the Fifty Shades of Gray fan meeting in New York, director Sam Taylor-Johnson announced that he will make the final two parts of the film called Fifty Shades of Gray – Black and Fifty

The two new episodes are adapted from two original stories of the same name by writer E.L.

The star couple Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson continue to be cast in the main roles.

'50 Shades of Grey' part one was banned in Malaysia

`50 Shades of Grey` has just been banned in Malaysia.

50 Shades of Gray is scheduled to open in North America on February 13.