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No longer an `exclusive` image of the Northwest, this year Da Lat has become a hot spot for young people in the South who are passionate about the famous buckwheat flower but do not have the opportunity to go to the North.

Many young people are excited to see buckwheat flowers for the first time with their own eyes.

This small flower field is located on a dairy farm in Tu Tra commune, Don Duong, about 35 km from the center of Da Lat towards Prenn pass.

After going down the pass from Da Lat to Phi Nom intersection, visitors run a little further and meet Bong Lai cultural village on the left.

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Da Quy

As a typical wildflower on the plateau, this year Dalat wild sunflowers begin to bud from the end of October, and by mid-November, the flowers cover the mountains and hills.

3 species of wildflowers attract travelers to Da Lat in November

Tourists get excited amidst the characteristic yellow color of wild sunflowers.

It is not difficult to find wild sunflowers in Da Lat because it covers every place where wildflowers can grow, including in the city center.

The route to Lien Khuong and Tu Tra airport is the easiest to follow because most of it is flat asphalt, you just need to pay attention when going down and up the pass.

Heading to the flower villages in Trai Mat, Cau Dat tea hill is one of the popular places, loved by many people because you can combine watching yellow flowers along the winding road with visiting the green tea hills in Cau Dat.

The road to Vang stream and Langbiang mountain with red dirt roads, with wild sunflowers covering the entire path in some places, is one of the most beautiful and labor-intensive routes because the road has many potholes and some bumpy sections.

The ideal time to photograph wild sunflowers during the day is at 9am-10am and 3pm-5pm, when the sun is light and the flower color is not too bright.

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Pink grass hill

The unmistakable purple-pink color of this rare weed has attracted many tourists and backpackers in recent years.

3 species of wildflowers attract travelers to Da Lat in November

Camping on the pink grass hill РPhoto: Ghost Forest Lu Quan

Pink grass grows a lot in Trai Mat, as tall as a reed, with a dark pink color slightly turning purple.

If you want to go to the pink grass hill for a picnic from Da Lat, you drive your motorbike towards the Vang stream, until you see the signboard of Ma Rung Lu Quan, turn left along the trail to the top of the hill right next to the asphalt road to get there.

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Notes when hunting wildflowers in Da Lat:

– Pass roads, slopes, many unexpected turns, so the driver must be steady and focused.

– You should bring a raincoat to wear as a windproof jacket when necessary.

– Some places (like buckwheat fields) will have guards keeping your identification documents to ensure order and security.

After organizing a picnic, you should clean up all trash before leaving.

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