If still alive today, Yves Saint Laurent would be 78 years old.

Yves Saint Laurent's life through photos

In December 1959, YSL completed a gorgeous wedding dress for the Queen of Iran, Farah Diba.

Yves Saint Laurent's life through photos

While working at Dior, YSL often drew sketches on the chalkboard.

Yves Saint Laurent's life through photos

YSL talked with her mother – Mrs. Lucienne Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent's life through photos

In January 1963, YSL was selecting materials in its Paris atelier.

Yves Saint Laurent's life through photos

In 1966, Saint Laurent stood in front of the first boutique that bore his name.

In September 1966, the designer edited the outfit for the famous French actress, Catherine Deneuve.

In March 1972, YSL walked the markets of Marrakech, Morocco.

In July 1977, YSL laughed happily with actress Bianca Jagger (left cover) at the wedding of her muse and fashion accessories designer Loulou de la Falaise (right cover).

Loulou de la Falaise was the person who inspired Saint Laurent to design the famous `Le Smoking` collection in 1966 and the see-through blouse.

In January 1982, YSL played with his pet dog Moujik in the garment factory.

In July 1984, YSL launched its Fall collection in Paris.

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Born on August 1, 1936, French designer Yves Saint Laurent’s full name is Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent.

Entering the design industry at the age of 17, Saint Laurent used to work for Dior.

In 1962, Saint Laurent combined with Pierre Berge to launch his own fashion label under his name.

In 2002, the designer launched his final couture collection and then decided to withdraw from the fashion industry because he realized the new fashion industry was invaded by commercial interests rather than art.


Photo: Elle, Fabsugar