Concerned about the safety of children when they have to return to school early next week even though the Covid-19 epidemic situation is still complicated, many VnExpress readers commented:

I support temporarily giving elementary school and preschool children extra time off during this period, because:

1. The disease is determined to spread from person to person, through contact between hands and surfaces carrying the corona virus.

2. Children are too young to understand how to protect themselves by maintaining hygiene?

3. It is very difficult to control the infection if a few children are infected with the food and personal hygiene of children in school.

4. Don’t do experiments if we are not sure we can control the potential risks.

5. Instead of thinking about forcing children to return to class, we should focus on how to train children to self-study and review the most basic things.

In my opinion, Ho Chi Minh City is a densely populated city, gathering workers from many localities across the country, and also has many labor sources from China, which is the epicenter of the epidemic and surrounding areas.

Sending children to school is creating the easiest environment for the virus to spread when children cannot protect themselves.

I need to reiterate that disinfecting and disinfecting schools is very correct.

The corona epidemic is still breaking out in China.

Having children stay at home is also inconvenient for some parents because they still have to work and cannot arrange time to look after their children.

This is a pandemic, currently in China the number of sick people is increasing.

Taking a month off for a long series of development is just a temporary break to gain strength.

I am a teacher at an elementary school in Ho Chi Minh City, also on the emulation committee and communications committee of the unit.

There are still summer months that can still be compensated for students, so why not propose that when the epidemic tends to decrease or be pushed back throughout the territory of Vietnam, let students go back to school?

The current epidemic situation is complicated, allowing students to stay off school is also a measure to avoid infection.

There are some opinions that school should not be stopped, but those are subjective opinions, maybe those families do not have young children and they are not afraid.

Children cannot be aware of personal hygiene and often eat and drink together, so disease transmission is inevitable.

In my opinion, it is still not safe for students to return to school on February 17.

I myself am a business person, my two children are in 1st and 3rd grade. If my child is infected, he will infect me again, and every day I have to deal with many customers, and cross-infection continues.

I agree with the proposal to keep students out of school for at least 1/3 and then will continue to consider and decide based on the evolution of the epidemic and other related issues.

Parents should not use their personal problems such as no one to look after their children or worry about their children forgetting knowledge to put pressure on the education sector.

Health is the most priority issue. Without health, I don’t know if our children will be able to continue studying.

>> What is your opinion on keeping students out of school to prevent the corona epidemic?

Le Pham compiled

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