Kolfage once persuaded Americans to donate millions of dollars to a private project to build a southern border wall to support President Donald Trump.

A month ago, Kolfage opened a business, named America First Medical, touting large quantities of premium N95 masks on its website and social media.

Although he hasn’t found a buyer yet, Kolfage said he has searched for masks around the world, including in stockpiles in Japan and Eastern Europe.

Kolfage believes he is serving the community.

Kolfage, who lost both legs and his right hand in the war in Iraq, marched with his wife on Veterans Day at Square 5 in New York in November 2014.

Kolfage aims to become one of the new mask brokers.

The volume of transactions is large, so even though the commission rate is low, the broker still makes a high profit.

However, the scarcity has also disrupted quality control norms, causing masks of unknown quality and origin to flood the market, according to material suppliers and health industry officials.

Reuters reporters interviewed five mask brokers, three in the US and two in China.

Jake Mei, owner of a pump supply company in Houston, Texas, posted on LinkedIn that he has 8 million masks produced by the company 3M at prices of $4.10 and $4.20 each.

None of these 5 brokers disclosed their suppliers and customers.

Kolfage claims that the masks it provides are not Chinese products, but are good quality products, certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

On March 23, US President Donald Trump signed an order banning hoarding and inflated prices of medical supplies.

If you `have a large supply of toilet paper in your home, there’s no need to worry,` Barr said at a White House press conference the same day.

A spokesman for the US Department of Justice declined to comment on mask trading activities.

However, some mask brokers appear to be counterfeiting products or selling substandard ones, according to 3M, a major mask maker headquartered in St.

Chaun Powell, vice president of strategy for Premier, said some advertising suppliers could be supplying millions of masks of unknown origin, making the company extremely suspicious.

`It shows the desperation in our supply chain,` he said.

3M also warns that many products offered for sale on the market with the company’s name may be counterfeit.

A longtime distributor of the company said that genuine 3M products are also being transferred by brokers to other distribution channels to make a profit.

While many say they can supply millions of masks, original distributors cannot, Einhorn said.

3M said it did not increase prices, but could not control others selling at higher prices.

Selling masks in the US

Dr. Nicole McCullough, 3M company’s global health and medical expert, demonstrates how to properly wear an N95 mask in the company’s laboratory on March 4.

Kolfage and other brokers say their trading practices are transparent.

The brokerage market is bustling with business because goods are scarce.

`They don’t have enough masks to use,` said Dr. David Gifford, medical director of the American Health Care Association.

Hospitals are beset by market turmoil and new challenges.

In mask brokering, Kolfage said speed is the most important factor.

The source of supply is a wealthy businessman who wants to sell the entire shipment for $3 each, making a profit three times the investment cost.

Although no buyer has been found yet, this is a `unique opportunity` and Kolfage advises material suppliers in the US to accept it because `now is the time for the seller to decide the price`.