(Dan Tri) – The Russian Foreign Minister warned that the West’s `500 years of world domination` may be coming to its end and affirmed that the formation of a multipolar world is an objective process of history.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (Photo: AFP).

`The West’s 500-year-long domination is about to come to its final days and will be replaced by a new polycentric world,` Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned in a video speech in Moscow.

According to him, the West thinks it can use the globalization model built over centuries to maintain dominance.

According to Russia’s top diplomat, new centers of economic growth and political influence are emerging that have changed the balance of power in the world and not according to the West’s will.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that to prevent this type of development, the US and its allies in recent years have `sacrificed` globalization to support the so-called `rules-based world order`.

New formats such as BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN, African Union (AU) and others will become `the bricks of the new polycentric world`, he also said.

Foreign Minister Lavrov spoke out against countries such as the UK and the US, saying that Western countries were waging a `hybrid war` against his country based on `cancel culture`.

Asked whether a ceasefire could be achieved through diplomatic discussions with Russia’s neighbor, he said: `You would have to call Mr. Zelensky (Ukrainian President) because the previous year and a half

The above comments┬áby the Russian Foreign Minister came after President Putin affirmed his plan to run again in next year’s Russian election, a move that will help Putin stay in power until 2030.

According to an independent poll, about 80% of Russians support another term for President Putin.