Thank you to the author of the article `Quitting opening a coffee shop, I regretted it too soon because I lost 150 million VND` for helping me be inspired to share this story.

I hesitated and considered quitting my job to start a business for more than a year.

The biggest mistake is not preparing a cash fund for your family when you quit your job.

At that time, every day going to the market only cost about 50,000 VND to eat all day.

After two months, the family’s income was only half of what it was before.

It was an extremely suffocating two months.

At this time, I feel lucky because I also spent a year convincing my wife as well as her sympathy and tolerance for me.

After two months, I learned many mistakes.

Therefore, I change direction now and create a completely new direction.

However, it is also thanks to a long preparation process from thinking to skills.

Luckily I have friends who, without asking, share their experiences.

As of today, in a few months it will be three years since I quit my job.

When one door closes, the important thing is whether you are brave enough to find the key and open the second, third, `n` door or not.

I am fortunate to be as successful as I am now, so I want this article to inspire a little bit of energy for business people to continue steadfastly on their chosen path.

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