(Dan Tri) – Europe knew and prepared for the Covid-19 epidemic, but it seems that it did not handle it in time.

Medical workers pay tribute to a colleague who died of Covid-19 in Leganes, Spain.

As the area where the Covid-19 epidemic emerged later, Europe quickly surpassed China, becoming the world’s epidemic center, with hundreds of thousands of infections and tens of thousands of deaths.

When news about new viruses causing a strange pneumonia in Wuhan (China) appeared in December 2019, and until the first cases of infection, they seemed to consider it just like

Governments’ delay in controlling citizens’ freedom of movement is one of the reasons why the epidemic spreads.

Flights from China were only stopped when the contagion situation became dangerous, with thousands of deaths and the number of infected people out of control, measures were taken to close land and air borders in Europe.

The European Commission initially opposed closing borders, arguing that this was not the best way to prevent the epidemic.

The defense ability of Europeans is also said to be quite lax.

Activities with the gathering of thousands of people continue to be held such as sports, culture… The discipline of many people is very lax when they refuse to properly implement quarantine measures at home.

French President Emmanuel Macron had to admit and warn: “This period will teach us many lessons.

Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel lamented the delay in introducing strict measures to prevent Covid-19 and believes that the next generation will be `less subjective` about the impact of the epidemic in progress.

Despite declaring that they will protect citizens by all means and pledging unlimited support, leaders of European countries face many difficulties in reaching a consensus on how to mobilize finance to help countries recover economically.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell affirmed: `After the initial period of being divided by each country’s individualistic determination, we will enter a period of cooperation and when

When the epidemic began to appear in Europe, in the media, there were not many critical articles, for example asking whether the epidemic would reach Europe or why not use masks?

In addition, in Europe, personal freedom, including freedom of movement, also makes it difficult to establish strong measures such as blockades or travel restrictions.

Looking back at the past 3 months, although the Covid-19 pandemic has not passed yet, it has left an unforgettable lesson for Europeans in particular and countries around the world in general about the initiative and determination of the government.

Nguyen Nham