Chelsea (blue) had the advantage but could not keep it.

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Chelsea now feels like a movie star who just missed out on an Oscar, despite being on the nomination list and being highly appreciated.

In the first situation, Oscar kicked the ball from outside the penalty area.

After winning the Champions League last season, Chelsea began to make changes in strategy and people.

In Chelsea’s game, they always show that they are a team that wants to play offensively.

Juve teaches Chelsea about seriousness

Oscar made an impression in his first start.

However, as many people fear, when you don’t live true to your `nature`, you can easily be caught off guard.

Therefore, when players who are used to playing defense suddenly play too openly and push too high, it is easy for them to reveal loopholes for the opponent to exploit, especially when Chelsea no longer plays with a special spirit.

It’s a very personal moment, but this goal is basically consistent with what Juve showed in this match.

Juve teaches Chelsea about seriousness

Juve (black and white stripes) has a more serious fighting spirit than Chelsea most of the time.

In the first few minutes after the break, Chelsea still pushed the team high and planned to find more goals.

By the 87th minute, Chelsea’s `drama` could have even turned into the ultimate tragedy if Quagliarella’s turn and shot went into the net instead of hitting the crossbar.

One point against the most formidable opponent in the table on the opening day and there are positive bright spots in attack, which can somewhat be considered acceptable for Chelsea.