* The Man CityLiverpool match takes place at 11:30 p.m., Hanoi time, today, March 19.

`Everyone thinks ‘Ah, here comes Pep, the team will win the treble, it’s easy’. But everyone is wrong. I have never come here and boasted that we will win the title. Neither have I.

Guardiola believes that Man City fans are wrong to think that his arrival means the team will immediately become a power in Europe.

Guardiola is under great pressure after Man City was eliminated from the Champions League in the eighth round.

In the Premier League, the championship also becomes distant when Guardiola and his team are 13 points behind leader Chelsea.

However, Guardiola believes that he is a victim of excessive expectations at Man City, just because of past successes.

The Catalan coach then hinted that his work at Man City would only be evaluated from next season: `Of course we want to win titles, everyone wants titles, we do everything for the goal.`

Man City entered today’s great battle against Liverpool in the aftermath of their defeat at the hands of Monaco in the Champions League.

`We have to regain our spirit, because there are still many goals for the team to strive for. One of them is to appear in the Champions League next season, and of course the FA Cup semi-finals ahead,` coach Man