Dan Truong’s live show `Still a Smile` took place on the evening of January 11 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Stage 126 turns into a sparkling theater.

The male singer closed stage 126 for eight days to expand and invest in sound, lighting and scenery, creating a more luxurious appearance.

Not only that, every time he appears, Dan Truong makes viewers admire his youthful appearance.

At the opening, `Mr. Bo` appeared impressively with a black and white mixed suit in a butterfly-shaped frame flying from above with the live show’s theme song.

Dan Truong changed many costumes during the live show

Child singers Quang Anh (left) and Dan Truong.

Blue is the main color that Dan Truong chose for his outfit.

A series of famous folk songs such as Bong Sesbania, Loving the Bitter Vegetables That Grow After Summer, Horse Hoofs on Young Grass Hills… were chosen by Dan Truong to be included in the live show.

At the end of the show, `Mr. Bo` and the dance troupe wore stylized ao dai to perform the medley of youth songs that made him famous at one time, such as: Forever one love, One person love, Love in a dream.

Dan Truong’s live show witnessed the passionate admiration of fans.

Dan Truong changed many costumes during the live show

Passionate fan of Dan Truong.

Dan Truong also sent many good words to his fans, family and wife Thuy Tien who supported him in successfully conducting this live show.