The pagoda was built in 1601, during the reign of Lord Nguyen Hoang.

According to the history of the Nguyen Dynasty, during his trip, Lord Nguyen Hoang discovered a place with a harmonious combination of mountains and rivers – the hill where Thien Mu Pagoda is now.

The entire architecture of Thien Mu Pagoda is located on a rectangular hill.

`My first feeling is that Thien Mu is located in a beautiful location, in front is the romantic Perfume River. The pagoda’s scenery is solemn and quiet, when visiting, I feel very relaxed,` Hoang Gia, a tourist

The pagoda is surrounded by a citadel built of stone and brick shaped like a turtle.

400 year old pagoda on the Perfume River

Each floor of Phuoc Duyen tower worships Buddha statues.

Following the side of the temple to the back of the garden, visitors will pass by a display of a car – a relic left by monk Thich Quang Duc before self-immolation.

In addition, this pagoda is also famous for the rumor that `any couple who loves each other goes to Thien Mu Pagoda, and when they return they will break up` that everyone in Hue knows.

400 year old pagoda on the Perfume River

The most pleasant weather in Hue is around January and February – the most suitable time to visit the pagoda.

The pagoda is open from morning to 6 p.m., you should choose discreet clothes when visiting the pagoda, limit laughing and talking loudly, especially at noon to let the monks here rest.

After visiting, visitors can enjoy Hue tofu (tofu) from the aunties selling at the foot of the temple gate.

Visitors can easily get to Thien Mu Pagoda from places such as the Citadel, Dong Ba Market, Trang Tien Bridge, by bicycle, motorbike or taxi.

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