Airplanes today are considered one of the most popular means of transportation for tourists, not only because of their convenience and speed, but also the services and experiences of being immersed in the blue sky.

A window seat is always cooler

When the plane reaches a certain altitude, the outdoor temperature can drop to -60 or -65 degrees Celsius. This phenomenon brings a cool feeling to every row of seats next to the window even if you sit in the first row

7 tips only frequent flyers know

Do not drink coffee and tea

Boiling water used to make tea and coffee on airplanes is said to be capable of producing malignant bacteria such as E Coli or staph.

7 tips only frequent flyers know

Limit contact with the dining table and bags in front of you

Many passengers often have the habit of rolling up trash and stuffing it into the bag right in front of them.

7 tips only frequent flyers know

Best departure time is in the morning

If you can choose a flight, the perfect time would be in the morning, because there is less chance of your flight being delayed at this time.

7 tips only frequent flyers know

The seats at the back of the plane are served most attentively

Normally, travelers always choose seats near the front of the plane to enjoy benefits such as being served the first meal and having many options, or leaving the cabin as soon as the plane lands.

7 tips only frequent flyers know

Do not inflate the pillow slightly

Sitting next to professional backpackers, you can easily see that they only blow the air pillow a few times and almost always let this `treasure` deflate when the plane is preparing to take off.

Order food from the special menu

Many airlines today also serve many special menus with vegetarian, seafood or dietary foods, suitable for the culture, habits, regional taste, religion or diet of travelers.

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